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* dirkbiel in order to make the supply chain system sustainable development, perfect the enterprise to social responsibility, now we need the suppliers related to the management system, including through the ISO9001; ISO14001 authentication system management, guarantee the supply dirkbiel product demand material is unqualified, green products. Accord with environmental protection, healthy, safe, clean, quality and business ethics standards. Let the excellent supplier and dirkbiel common development and growth.

Global cooperation:

 * according to the demand of purchasing team factory with the global supplier of close cooperation, rapid response, provide one-stop service. In the overall manufacturing cost control basis purchase quantity expand demand, in order to ensure purchasing material with high quality and competitive price.

Purchasing the authentication management system:

*Supplier certification is the system and product authentication supplier two aspects, ensure the availability of raw materials, purchase sex,Cost and support ability to meet the product demand, to TQRDCES comprehensive optimal.

* Supplier certification by the Buyer and TQC and choose execution together. According to competitive bidding, and competitive evaluations, price compare and cost structure analysis method to choose.

* regular review; According to the quarterly review of suppliers, to supply products quality, delivery, services and related performance, with the supplier improvement.

 New supplier contact:

 * Fill in: supplier evaluation table

 * Send form to email:dirkbiel@dirkbiel.com

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