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Quality policy: leading technology, people-oriented, improve quality, customer satisfaction.

Quality system:

1, the company in the implementation of institutionalized quality management system at the same time, departments of the work arrangement and decision-making must be to ensure product quality as the premise

2, all staff should be in accordance with the requirements of the job duties, and at the same time obey the higher level of the other work arrangements


3, all levels of management personnel to comply with the business rules and the principle to develop.

4, each department's work policy must comply with the enterprise's overall goal, ISO90001 quality assurance system requirements, coordinate with each other, with the overall situation as the priority

5, establish a long-term and stable quality assurance ideas, employees of all kinds of skills and quality knowledge training, improve staff quality consciousness, strengthen the full participation.

6, each department of the company to PDCA cycle work, achieve continuous improvement through the daily quality policy, objectives, audit results, data analysis, corrective and preventive measures, management review, and put forward the improvement project, promote the continuous improvement of quality management system.

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