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Marketing Manager ( College )1:
Job requirements:

1, responsible for the company to operate the goal market strategy and sale strategy, the formulation of the annual marketing plan;

2, responsible for developing and improving the company's sales policy, and ensure that effective policy implementation;

3, with the company responsible for key clients, on behalf of the company to participate in external public relations activities, in order to expand the company resources network;

4, responsible for the coordination of marketing activities of the various relations;

5, marketing cost control and reasonable use;

6, strong brand marketing team management skills.

Sales Rep name:
Specific requirements:

1, secondary school, high school graduate ( female )

2, clean room industry has more than 1 years of sales experience, with FFU, air filter sales experience is preferred ( no experience can be )

3, work earnest, can bear hardships and stand hard work, has the strong communication ability and interpersonal skills, good customer service consciousness and team spirit. Has intense enterprise and sense of responsibility

4, with a keen insight into the market, scientific system of market data analysis, collation and judgment, decision-making ability, independent project tracking ability.

5, want to accept greater challenges, they have the ability to file a single.

6, can use office software adroitly.

7, once employ, pay position is preferential. Working address: Guangdong Dongguan

Effective date: 2011/2/23~2011/3/15

Cast Jane e-mail: hr-wang@dirkbiel.com

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