Dirkbiel Company is an innovative scientific company that takes up the control of dust particle, micro-organism and pollutant in environmental system and the clean air-conditioning control system project. It is comprised of “Dirkbiel” R & D center 、Engineering division、 clean division, and marketing division.

    Located at China Headquarter in Asia-Pacific region, Dongguan Dirkbiel Environmental System Co., Ltd. mainly specializes in R & D, manufacturing and sales of air cleaning products, such as “Dirkbiel” air filter, industrial pure water filter, clean room equipment ; Cleanrooms systems engineering consulting, design, and the provision of ancillary's high quality products and efficient service specialized enterprise

   “Dirkbiel” products mainly include: air filter (primary-efficiency air filter, medium-efficiency air filter, HEPA/ULPA air filter and chemical filter); industrial pure water filter; clean room equipment (air shower room, cargo shower room, super-clean bench, FFU clean unit, delivery window, high-efficient inlet port, clean shed, dust-free production line and other cleaning equipment); cleaning articles for clean room (special dust collector for dust-free room, anti-static product, dust-free and sterilized cloth,sticky cleaning roller,sticky paper). All products are manufactured according to international standards (ISO/9001, ISO/DIS14644-1 U.S.A/SMACNA  EN779  EN1822).

    Dirkbiel Company has excellent senior engineers, professional technicians, advanced production and testing equipment. It executes unified management all over the world. From purchase of raw materials, manufacturing and processing for sales to terminal clients, each procedure is strictly inspected and controlled, to ensure the quality of each product is excellent. Products are sold all over the world. Clients cover listed companies and project construction companies at home and abroad. It has won uniform and high reputation from the clients.

    Dirkbiel to ' integrity, quality, innovation, service and value of  operation philosophy(Abbreviation: IQIS&V), the spirit of ' quality first, customers first, innovation, excellence ' purposes, creating new value for customers

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