Quality policy

Quality policy: Leading technology, people-oriented, quality improvement, customer satisfaction.

Quality system:

1. While the company implements the institutionalized quality management system, the work scheduling and decision-making of each department must be based on the quality of the products.

2. All employees should act in accordance with the requirements of the duties of the post, and at the same time obey the other work arrangements of the superior.

3. The scope of responsibility of all levels of management personnel shall be formulated in accordance with the principles laid down in the company's regulations.

4. The work guidelines of each department must meet the requirements of the ISO90001 quality assurance system of the company's overall goal, coordinate with each other, and focus on the overall situation.

5. Establish long-term and stable quality assurance ideas, train employees in various skills and quality knowledge, improve employees' quality awareness, and strengthen the participation of all employees.

6. All departments of the company use the PDCA cycle to achieve daily continuous improvement through quality policy, objectives, audit results, data analysis, corrective measures and preventive measures, management review, etc., and propose improved projects to promote quality management systems. keep improve.